10 definitive keys to event organization

Do you know the secret to event organization? If you look around you, you will notice that we are surrounded by products or services that were created from great ideas. The thing is, many of those great ideas turned into successful businesses quickly and others did not. Why? Because some communicated better, louder and faster. Nothing has been more powerful in the field of communication than business events, they have been and will be the door through which your idea will reach the market. Here are 10 keys from a company specialized in event management to make your message heard loud and clear.

10 keys to event management

1. Define

2. Plan

Make a selection of events, participants and necessary services of the technology that you are going to require and, with the stopwatch, evaluate the real times of each participation. The flawless execution will depend on this harmony. There will always be a point where you will have to improvise, but improvisation is always a risk and there are opportunities in life that cannot be left to chance.

You probably have a lot to say, but you will have to be concrete. To define is to eliminate everything that is not essential. But define everything: the message you want to give, the product you offer, what you want to achieve with an event, to whom you are going to communicate it, what makes you unique and, very important, how you are going to communicate it (corporate event, social event, product presentation, sports, show…)

3. Measure

If you already have the numbers, now go for the spaces that match those numbers. Finding a room for ten attendees won’t be the same as finding a room for a thousand. For it also requires different logistics, a different budget and a different forecast.

4. Broadcast

Let them know before, during and after your event is essential. Make precise use of all online and physical media at your disposal so that no one is left in the dark. Take advice from professionals at every step of the way and your message will go higher. You should know that this is a point that is often neglected and yet it is perhaps the most important. Why do you think the most prominent brands pay influencers or public figures and dysfunction in social networks?

5. Select the best for the organization of events

That’s right, build the best team and have the ability to know everyone’s strengths. Not all of us are good at the same thing, not all of us work well under pressure, not all of us are leaders. Take advantage of everyone’s potential and place them in the right place. That selection will be the gear of your machine.

6. Revalue

Don’t be satisfied with the definitions and the schedule, go for more. Analyze all the possibilities and the more diverse the concept, the richer your event will be. Rethink, listen, open your mind to new possibilities, in the world of events not everything is written.

7. Be consistent

It may seem obvious, but it is perhaps the most conflicting point. Many times you come across amazing events that communicate a clear message but whose message is in a different direction from your brand values. Don’t leave loose ends. Make sure your message is strong, but at the same time goes in the same direction as your company’s values.

8. Do not underestimate

The public is unforgiving. Either you do it on a high and make it unforgettable, or they will judge you harshly. There is no middle ground. That’s why trying to make up an event doesn’t work. Do it with forcefulness.

9. Listen

Ask for an expert opinion. What looks so easy is not always so. Much less so when it comes to event organization. If you are looking to leave your name high and make your event memorable, get advice from a specialist.

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10. Update yourself in event management

Nowadays, the technological experience is often superior to reality. So analyze and update yourself. You will be surprised how far your message can reach with the use of technology.


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