10 keys for organizing events

The Yellow B

29 de October de 2020

Do you know the secret to organizing events? If you look around you, you will notice that we are surrounded by products or services that were created from great ideas. The point is that many of those great ideas became successful companies quickly and others didn´t. Why? Because some communicate better, stronger, and faster than others. Nothing has been more forceful in the field of communication than business events. They have been and will be the door through which your idea will reach the market. We are a company specializing in event organization, check out our 10 principles to make sure your message is heard loud and clear.

10 keys for organizing events

1. Define

Surely you have a lot to say, but you will have to be specific. To define is to eliminate everything that is not essential. But still, you need to explain well: the message you want to give, the product you offer, what you want to achieve with the event, who you are going to communicate it to, what makes you unique, and, very importantly, how you are going to communicate it (with a corporate event, social, product presentation, sports, show…).

2. Plan

Make a selection of acts, participants, and other necessary services including technology that you are going to require. Make sure you measure how much time each participant will need, so you can ensure a harmonic and impeccable execution later on. There will be a point where you eventually will have to improvise, which might feel risky in the first place but should be considered as an opportunity.

3. Size

If you already have the numbers, go for the spaces that match those numbers. It will not be the same to find a room for ten attendees as for a thousand. Depending on this logistics, budgets, and forecasts will differ.

4. Spread

Being informed before, during, and after your event is essential. Use all the online and physical means that are within your reach with precision, so that no one is left out. Get advice from professionals at every step, so your message will be received clearly. You should know that this is a point that is often neglected and yet it is perhaps the most important. Why do you think top brands pay influencers, and public figures, and invest in social media?

5. Select the best for the organization of events

Build a strong team with people that have the abilities and strengths needed to execute this event. Not all of us are good at the same thing, not all of us work well under pressure, and not all of us are leaders. Take advantage of the potential of each one of your team members and place them in the right spot. The right selection will be the gear of your machine.

6. Reevaluate

Do not settle for the definitions and the schedule, strive for more. Analyze all the possibilities, because the more diverse the concept, the richer your event. Rethink, listen, and open your mind to new possibilities. Because in the world of events not everything is set in stone.

7. Be consistent

It will seem obvious, but it is perhaps the most controversial point. Many times you come across amazing events that communicate a clear message but it does not align with the company's values. Don't leave loose ends. Make sure your message is strong, but at the same time goes in the same direction as your company's values.

8. Don't underestimate

The public is relentless. Either you go all out and make it unforgettable, or you will be judged harshly. There is no middle ground. That is why trying to make up an event does not work. You need to do it right.

9. Listen

Ask for the opinion of an expert. It may seem easy but there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to organizing events. If you want to make sure your name stands out and your event will be memorable, seek advice from a specialist.

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10. Update yourself in event organization

Today the technological experience is often superior to reality. Therefore, analyze and update yourself. You will be surprised how far your message can go with the use of technology.

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