5 Tips for Successful Hybrid Events

Recently, the International Monetary Fund stated that due to the coronavirus, the global downturn is 3.5% for this year and 5.8% for next year. With this scenario, many entrepreneurs are still wondering what to do with the key events they had scheduled, which are essential for their growth and positioning. Fortunately, there are technological platforms that make it possible for your business events to continue on the scheduled dates, through Hybrid Events. This modality combines the best of a face-to-face event with the virtual show. Learn with The Yellow B “5 key tips to achieve an unforgettable Hybrid Event”.

1. Design-Planning-Production-Post-Production: The map to success

There are 4 main blocks on which every quality event is built: Design, Planning, Production and Post-production. Each of these detailed steps will give you a complete picture of what you have, how to plan the realization, how to coordinate the show and how to manage all the results of your event. 4 pillars so that, whatever your event, it is always at your fingertips.

2. Diversify the looks for Hybrid Events

If you propose to hold a hybrid event, you know that you must attend to two parallel worlds: the face-to-face and the virtual. But it is not only about combining them, it is about synchronizing them. To do this, you must think in two simultaneous worlds. That is why a diversified team approach is the most appropriate: you have to be advised by the engineer’s, the artistic, the technological, the creative, the logistic, the business, the advertising, the individual and the collective approach. Look for a multifaceted group with a lot of coordination, to give your event the dimension it deserves.

Eventos virtuales

3. Stay up to date

You are going to have to be up to date to know what is being done in the world of events. There are countless innovative companies that give online visibility to their events and they can help you solve logistical, technical or technological problems. At the same time they can add value to your own event by inspiring you with their organization, by the venue or their participants (influencers, celebrities, politicians, etc). You can not stay out of date and that requires you to be constantly informed about your industry and how others do it.

4. Feedback from experiential remote participation

From the public’s point of view, excellence is measured in the degree of satisfaction. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on proximity relationships and the hybridization of physical and virtual experiences, because from there you get feedback with precise and detailed information on the behavior of event attendees. In this way it is known what each of the participants wants and at what time. Some of the strategies used are gamification (games for groups or individuals) and the creation of personalized content (questions, votes and fun and very visual surveys). With this database, which results from the participation and interaction of your participants, you will be able to create better content and obtain better results for your event.

5. You must make the experience total

Evento con Realidad Virtual

In the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) world, there are multiple means to create good memories in the participants of an event. However, creating experiences and setting a precedent requires a 360º MICE service so that the experience is total, in this case through different devices and formats such as augmented reality, which seeks to create a full experience in each event. This way, each of your guests can attend your event virtually or in person with the same experience, with no limits on viewing or participation.

If you are looking for “hybrid events”, at The Yellow B we have a series of services that take this type of events to another level:

  • Audiovisual broadcasting, both in execution with operators and with robotized and controlled systems.
  • Streaming during the event (live transmission on streaming platforms, videoconference or private server).
  • Virtual reality broadcasting, integration of scenarios with remote participation.
  • Augmented reality, 3D design, VR glasses with worldwide delivery or holograms to surprise your attendees. This way you ensure the 360º experience with our services for MICE in a rigorous live.


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