The concept "The Yellow Ones" from the book "The Yellow World" describes the instant connection between people and how it can last over time. The essence of this story made us name our agency, with the main objective to create situations, in which personal interaction transcends beyond the event itself.
After more than 10 years dedicated to outdoor events, street markets, and social events, The Yellow B was born. Today stronger than ever, we maintain the illusion of leaving a little yellow glow in each of the events we carry out.
Finding a quick response to unforeseen incidents is a value we constantly keep in mind. Nothing stops our intention to achieve the best result for our clients. The YellowB team interprets the circumstances and adapts to the changes without interfering with the rhythm of the event.

The yellow b

consists of different specialized professionals, ranging from project managers, marketers, and advertisers to logisticians and experts in hospitality. This gives us a broad and complete vision of all the possible challenges within each project and lets us decide on solutions that suit each case best.

We are reinventing us every day to make you stand out above your competition.

Because a unique company knows how to convince with a unique event.