10 definitive keys to event organization

Do you know the secret to event organization? If you look around you, you will notice that we are surrounded by products or services that were created from great ideas.
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Espectáculos para Eventos Corporativos

5 Tips for Successful Hybrid Events

Recently, the International Monetary Fund stated that due to the coronavirus, the global downturn is 3.5% for this year and 5.8% for next year. With this scenario, many entrepreneurs are
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Evento Híbrido web summit

Hybrid Events, the new event trend after COVID-19

You may be reluctant to believe it, but COVID-19 has transformed everyone’s life forever. With these changes, the economy of companies has suffered a major setback, but it is not
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We welcome you to the new website of the yellow B! let the show begin!

The growing need of companies to become visible for a client, which is used to an increasing impact of advertisement, has led us, as an avantgarde event agency that we
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