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The Yellow B

26 de March de 2024

What makes us unique? In a world with billions of people, only a few, the yellow people, generate a positive impact that changes lives. At The Yellow B, we aim to be catalysts for expanding that impact, connecting people in meaningful ways.

Our core is corporate events, but for us, they go beyond: they’re experiences that connect people with brands. We want every moment we create to benefit not only companies but also those who participate and the world around us.

Our milestones? In these challenging times, we’ve adapted with agility to ensure our clients continue to connect with their audience. Our greatest achievement has been not only meeting but exceeding expectations in every project, fostering brand loyalty and making them more “yellow.”

We highlight two flagship cases: the Startup Wise Guys Getaway in Bilbao, where we managed everything from branding to logistics in iconic locations, and the B Good Day in Barcelona, a sustainability-committed event where we passionately connect for change.

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