Hybrid Events, the new event trend after COVID-19

You may be reluctant to believe it, but COVID-19 has transformed everyone’s life forever. With these changes, the economy of companies has suffered a major setback, but it is not time to stop engines, on the other side, companies that want to recover “what once was”, must adapt to new digital technologies to survive. Of course, this also applies to events. Seating capacity is no longer the same. The 1.5 mt distance between people forces us to be creative and to open our borders towards a more global communication approach. How do we achieve this? With Hybrid Events, the new trend in events after COVID-19.

Find out what a Hybrid Event is and how we make it possible.

2020: The year of leaps and bounds, gives rise to Hybrid Events as a solution for Event Marketing.

Surely we can all already foresee the consequences of the pandemic for the years to come, but this does not mean that it is negative. Faced with a reality that overwhelms us, we don’t always fall, we almost always reinvent ourselves. That is why many companies have accelerated digital processes and this moment is the perfect excuse for the undecided.

The Yellow B is an accelerator of this transition to a more digital Event Marketing. Through Hybrid Events, we manage to open the borders for your event and reach where no traditional event has ever gone before. This concept has revolutionized the way of experiencing MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) to give it a greater and more interactive dimension.

Either you adapt and evolve, or you die, as Darwin said so well. This is no time to stop, let’s go for it!

Participantes de un Evento Híbrido

What is a Hybrid Event?

A hybrid event is an event that combines face-to-face with online interaction. This not only means that attendees can interact through online applications with the event itself (surveys, questions, games, sweepstakes …), this hybrid event goes much further.

Through streaming, your event can be broadcast live online to the entire planet, reaching millions of people. Millions of people will be able to interact with the event, practically in the same way as the attendees, living the experience from their computers or mobile devices. This is the power of hybrid events.

It no longer matters that the capacity is diminished by the COVID-19 effect, because if you design your event well, it can have an impact that you had not even dared to imagine. In this way, it may no longer be necessary to create different events in different countries or cities (depending on the type of event), thus saving resources and efforts: a single impressive event that can be enjoyed by millions of people. Can you imagine what that can mean for your ROI (return on investment)? And what about the popular reach for the brand and speakers?

The time has come to become visible “a little bit” further.

This is how we achieve the 360º experience of a Hybrid Event.

The Yellow B has a professional team with which we draw a specialized and personalized work plan from start to finish. That is to say, we are experts in the Integral Management of Hybrid Events, so that your company only has to worry about giving us the ok to the proposals that we present to you. Everything else is in our good hands:

  • Corporate culture study, important for the event to transmit the ideals of the brand.
  • Technical development, a study of the entire production process.
  • Marketing and advertising, to give your event the diffusion it deserves.
  • Production, the best professionals from different trades working together to obtain amazing results.
  • Logistics, nothing is left to chance. Every last detail is thought out and executed.

This set-up is common to all our events, hybrid or not, but what makes an event interactive?

  • Broadcasting. We will provide your event with any necessary audiovisual equipment. The execution of the same can be with operators or robotic systems.
  • Streaming. Attendees will be able to follow the event and participate through live transmission on streaming platforms, videoconference or private server.
  • Mobile APP. Get remote attendees to participate along with those present, through the mobile APP, launching questions, votes, polls and games. This way you can measure the engagement of your event and know for sure what worked and what did not, in order to better focus the strategy of future events.


Some important extras to add to an amazing production:

  • Virtual Reality & 360º. Possibility to broadcast 100% of the event in virtual reality, both from static devices with 360º capture and with VR (virtual reality) glasses with worldwide delivery.
  • 3D Integration. Integrate 3D and augmented reality elements into the event to achieve a presentation with more impact.
  • Holograms. Add as a hologram, in rigorous live, any participant of the event and surprise all attendees.

Use event technology to get to know each participant and get the most out of them.

The task for a brand is to know in depth the participants of the event it organizes. You can’t imagine the amount of relevant information for your company that you can get from this!

Hybrid Events get their own name: The Yellow eBents

It is true, the pandemic completely changed the way we relate to the world, but at the same time it accelerated a new era in which we use technology to be better, more efficient and global. Reaching a larger audience, from different cultures and countries is the desire of every company that wants to grow, and today, this is easy with the Internet. The Internet allows us to be connected even when we are miles away from each other. This opportunity of Global Communication has to be taken advantage of by companies to make their products or services more visible.

Events are a very important part of this communication, since they give us the opportunity to connect directly with the participants in a “you and me” close and palpable, yes, even through the screen. Not to mention networking, a very important point that comes out reinforced from any event in which you interact with other attendees.

At The Yellow B we have been working on Hybrid Events for some time because they have been making a strong impact for some years now, this is nothing related to social distance! It is clear to us that this new paradigm that we are living with the pandemic has transformed forever the way of communication and that hybrid events will become more and more relevant until they become the only form of event that we conceive.

And as we already said, Hybrid Events have a name of their own:

The Yellow eBents

The future and present of events after COVID-19

by The Yellow B – Creative Event Marketing


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