What is The Yellow B?

There are approximately 8.045 million people in the world

It is estimated that in our lifetime, we will cross paths with 2,500 to 5,000 of them. That is a big number...

Of those thousands of people, around 23 will generate a positive impact that will change our lives. They are the yellow people, according to the book "The Yellow World". And these people do not have to be relatives or lifelong friends, they can even be strangers who cross our paths and give us something key that can change us.

Some call it serendipity, others coincidence, and others that it is “written in destiny”, but what is clear is that when we come across one of these people, a connection is generated that leaves a mark.

And if one person can have such a positive impact on our lives, what if we could find a way to be a catalyst for that positive impact to be spread?

That's why The Yellow B was born.

Our clients

The customer is at the center of our actions. Our success depends on creating attractive and responsible events that meet your demands at the right time through the best experience.


Our creatives understand the needs of our clients and know that the creation of responsible events begins as soon as they start the design process.


We go to great lengths to ensure that our products, like all of our services, are ethical and meet our sustainability requirements.

Committed to people

The most valuable asset we have are the professionals that make up our team.
At The Yellow B we share a common vision to make our projects a success, giving special importance to professional development, equality, and diversity.
We work in a way so that all our team as well as collaborators can grow with us.

Committed to the environment

At The Yellow B we are 100% committed to the environment. We put sustainability at the center of our work, and as an essential requirement, for many of our operational decisions.

We make sure that all products and services that are involved in our productions have a complete and efficient life cycle, and that none of them end up disposed of in a landfill.

Because the exploitation of the planet's resources and the impact of climate change requires a rapid and coordinated response from all of us.

Tons of CO2 offset:

Corporate ethics

At The YellowB we are committed to our obligations as a company, both legislatively and socially. This commitment governs all relationships with our stakeholders.

We established multidisciplinary measures to protect biodiversity and reduce our impact on the consumption of natural goods and on climate change.

Our unalterable commitment to compliance is essential for the growth of our company. We transfer this ethical commitment to all our collaborators, being periodically informed about our regulations and supervision mechanisms.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct for suppliers defines the standards of ethical and responsible behavior and thus guarantees that our suppliers maintain a constant commitment to the protection of the environment, the environmental standards set by The Yellow B, and compliance within the parameters established in the legislation, applicable locally and internationally.

These standards are firmly based on respect for human and labor rights, equal opportunities, and care for the environment.
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Let’s create together

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