B Good Day 2023 - B Lab Spain

B Good Day 2023 - B Lab Spain

🌎 ✨ Reflecting on an inspiring day at #BGoodDay in Barcelona, where changemakers from #BCorp companies converged to leverage their collective strength for a better world! 🌱

At The Yellow B, we were honored to be part of this transformative event as a key contributor, collaborating in the design, consultation, and technical execution. The insights gained resonate deeply with our commitment to sustainability and purpose-driven events.

🌴 Environment: Laia Mas Perez from Danone challenged us to "use CO2 as currency," emphasizing the critical need to understand and address the environmental impact of our events. As event professionals, we are aligned with this ethos, ensuring that every experience we craft is not only memorable but also environmentally responsible.

👨‍👨‍👧 Social Impact: The often-neglected social axis took center stage. Beatriz García Rodero highlighted the significance of Impact Investments, a cause we passionately support. Our gratitude to Marc Badia Muntané and the FCSD Foundation for their dedication to tackling child poverty – a cause that resonates with our values.

🌏 Resource Conservation: Iñaki Alonso of sAtt Arquitectura reminded us that "infinite growth is not possible in a resource-finite world." Our commitment to Triple Balance projects aligns perfectly with the imperative to decrease our intensive use of energy, water, and raw materials.

Beyond the insightful sessions, the true highlight for The Yellow B was contribute in connecting with like-minded individuals who share our passion for changing the status quo. It was a day of rekindling old partnerships and forging new ones.

A heartfelt thank you to B Lab Spain for orchestrating this event, and special appreciation to ROSAPARKS, Brands with a Purpose, the creative communication consultant and co-organizer of the event, for guiding us in aligning our purpose with the greater movement for positive change.

As we continue our journey at The Yellow B, let's push boundaries and create experiences that not only elevate brands but also contribute to a more sustainable and responsible world. 🚀 💛

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