Ferrer - IMPAHCT

Ferrer - IMPAHCT

We are very excited to have been involved in another edition of #IMPAHCT, the International Meeting on Pulmonary Hypertension Clinical Treatment hosted by Ferrer, confirming once again their commitment to finding solutions for the unmet medical needs of people living with this illness.

It was a great opportunity to learn about the scientific advances for this debilitating disease, sharing experiences with more than 150 pulmonologists and cardiologists from over 30 countries.

One of this year’s highlights was the importance of referring patients to specialized centers as early as possible. Recent data shows that, despite advances in the last years, the time from onset of symptoms to diagnosis of pulmonary arterial hypertension, is currently more than 2 years. Specialists call for protocols to expedite referrals as well as highlight the need for early diagnosis and a comprehensive treatment approach, enabling more personalized and effective care. 

Also, this edition of IMPAHCT has been designed and organized with the aim of maximizing its positive impact on society, the environment, and people,  and has been designed to become a carbon-neutral event.

Thank you so much Ferer for letting us participate in such a great project! 💛

#FerrerForGood #SuppliersForGood

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