IDEADED: semiconductor cleanroom inauguration

IDEADED: semiconductor cleanroom inauguration

Exciting news! The Yellow B has organized the opening of IDEADED's new facilities. At this event, IDEADED marks the start of production, a result of its research and development in semiconductors with its own technology.

IDEADED is the only company on the peninsula with a productive "clean room" for "first of a kind" semiconductors. This places it in a privileged position in the technology innovation market.

IDEADED is a semiconductor company developing process and material technologies for the next generation of highly cost-effective everyday IoT electronics, paving the way for billions of connected devices that will transform our world.

At the inauguration, we had the presence of distinguished personalities from the Government of Catalonia and the Government of Spain, who recognize the value of IDEADED's innovation and technology.

We are excited about this milestone and look forward to IDEADED continuing to drive the IoT technology revolution. Congratulations to the entire IDEADED team! 🚀 #Innovation #Technology #IoT #IDEADED #TheYellowB 

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