Macmillan - Brave Lecture

Macmillan - Brave Lecture

For this virtual event, where Macmillan Education Iberia brought together all its collaborators for 3 days to summarize 2021 and mark the main milestones for 2022, the claim “Brave Lecture” was chosen.

The disruptive idea of the event was generating content in front of a chroma set since for the first time the #Macmillan conference was developed from a 3D stage created for this special occasion featuring a set of virtual elements and #AR that turned the #event in an audiovisual experience with television quality.

Thanks to the technology of our partner Sparkup, all the participants were able to experience the event as a #VirtualPublic just as if they were present.


  • 300 participants involved
  • 11,000 reactions
  • 1,000 shared ideas
  • 2,500 votes and polls

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