Macmillan: Educating with enthusiasm

Macmillan: Educating with enthusiasm

An inspiring and hopeful message at the #hybrid and #interactive event that Macmillan Education Iberia held on a morning full of ideas, challenges, and enthusiasm around the future of education in which The Yellow B had the opportunity to form part as organizing #agency.

Which was the result?

  • 75 face-to-face attendees
  • 1,000 remote attendees
  • more than 500 votes
  • more than 300 shared ideas
  • more than 29,000 reactions with emojis
  • more than 1,300 likes

Each of these interactions were generated in real-time by face-to-face and virtual attendees in a dynamic event, where they could enjoy presentations by industry experts, round tables, and inspirational performances.

What we did

Let’s create together

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