Startup Wise Guys Getaway 2023

Startup Wise Guys Getaway 2023

Relive the magic of a game-changing event! 

Throw-back to the amazing Startup Wise Guys Getaway event in #Bilbao where we played a pivotal role providing a multi-day experience with conference setup, mouthwatering dinners, dance parties, city scavenger hunt and more.

The event was organised to bring together the global community of Startup Wise Guys one of Europe's top early stage startup investors with roots in Estonia.

The main venue for this event was the iconic San Mamés Stadium, a place that embodies the greatness of our client that has to date invested in 400+ startups from around the world.

>From inspiring talks to endless networking opportunities and unforgettable gastronomic experiences, we had it all. Bilbao provided the perfect backdrop, offering cutting-edge technology, top-tier entertainment, and a variety of accommodation options.

What did we make possible?

 📲 We created a personalized app that kept the guests informed about every detail: event agenda, speakers, venue directions, and much more. 

🔴 We transformed the event into a sea of RED - the brand colour of Startup Wise Guys, infusing it with their contagious energy in every corner. 

🍴  We carefully selected 7 restaurants for dinners, each with a unique ambiance and menu. Additionally, we managed various catering options at the venues. 

🏫 We provided accommodation options and negotiated discounts for all attendees. 

🧩 We organized an exciting scavenger hunt for the internal team and various additional activities. 

🎥 We offered all the necessary technical and audiovisual support for presentations, talks, games, and live broadcasts. 

👥 We managed all attendee transportation and mobility with a dedicated team at every step. 

🛍️ We produced all the merchandising elements to bring the client's brand to life (and they loved it).

And let's not forget the gala dinner! An experience at a Michelin-star restaurant outside Bilbao, followed by a high-energy party till 4am in a simply magical setting.

This project is a testament to our dedication to excellence in event organization and the ability to transform venues into unique and unforgettable experiences. 

We are proud to have been a part of this edition of the Startup Wise Guys Getaway, and we look forward to creating more special moments like this in the future. 💛 🚀

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