Synergy Worldwide

Synergy Worldwide

With simultaneous translation into 6 languages ​​and an audience of more than 2,000 attendees, this event meant a new challenge to us. We took advantage of all the audiovisual resources available generating a differential virtual event.

We installed a unique set within a hotel, from which the 20 speakers, MCs and facilitators could present their content in a fast- paced change of setups and with different media content.

A branded web app served as the environment from which we broadcasted the streaming and from which 6 integrated chats, segmented by language, made it possible to get the attendees closer together. The disruptive point was the inclusion of "virtual audience" technology, which allowed us to create an alternating mural on the set's LED screen, constantly alternating 250 images from the webcams of each of the computers connected to the event, transporting attendees to the stage of the event itself.

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