TBS - Virtual Experience

TBS - Virtual Experience

Enjoying the immersion of a real space through virtual reality by using an app is no new idea. But during the event with TBS we went one step further. We divided the project into 5 phases to obtain an immersive result with commercial potential that transcended during the day of the event.

  • Phase 1: Recording of the speeches on our main set as well as on sets installed in the different TBS headquarters in Toulouse (France).
  • Phase 2: 360º recordings of the real spaces of the campuses in Toulouse (France) and surroundings.
  • Phase 3: Creation of a 3D agora from where the user experience would start, using virtual reality glasses.
  • Phase 4: Integration of the speeches in the 3D agora. As soon as the attendee selects a specific topic on the screen the recorded person would appear to share their knowledge.
  • Phase 5: Creation of a virtual route combining de 3D agora and its contents, with a virtual visit to each of the campuses.

The final result was an app that made it possible to travel virtually to discover the values ​​of TBS.

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