Technology sector convention

Technology sector convention

Relive the experience of our cutting-edge event at the Hyatt Regency Barcelona!

In February, we brought together nearly 200 people at the iconic Hyatt Regency in Barcelona for an unforgettable event. From conceptualization to execution, our team deployed the best in technology and creativity to transform the hotel’s three rooms into an innovative and dynamic space.

We immersed attendees in captivating storytelling, closely linked to the client’s objective for this event.
From the get-go, every detail was designed to create a unique and memorable experience that would leave a lasting impression on all present. We handled the design and production of machinery exhibition stands, including a special chapter for the launch of a new product. We also took care of branding creation, ensuring that the brand identity was present in every detail.

For two days, we worked tirelessly to create a striking and immersive atmosphere that captivated our guests. From the latest technological trends to disruptive proposals, our event was a unique experience that showcased the best of our client’s business world.

The event also featured artistic performances that added a touch of creativity and entertainment.

Discover how we took the event experience to the next level and achieved all our goals!

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