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Greater Impact designed and produced in record time. We know you need to get your event up and running as fast as possible.
Thanks to our 360º comprehensive service at The Yellow B we can offer you immediate solutions for your projects such as events for companies with a positive impact.
We study the corporate culture of your company to personalize our event service to the maximum, shaping the project to your needs in a concrete and accurate way.
An event that arouses an emotion is an event that remains in the client´s memory.
An event that remains in one´s memory is an event that achieves results.


The first impression is the moment when a person encounters an impact and mentally forms a concept of that situation.
Strong storytelling is the key to producing amazing graphics for every project, such as video mapping, immersive installations, audiovisual content, or productions in augmented, virtual, or even mixed reality environments.
We fuse the art of storytelling with a digital perspective to help companies create immersive experiences that engage with audiences in an effective way.
We can offer different software and platforms to your company in order to shape the experience of each attendee, as well as premium audiovisual technical deployment to achieve the objectives of each department involved.


At The Yellow B we help you create, activate, and creatively communicate the purpose of your brand.
We put all our knowledge at the service of your company to show you that doing good and being profitable at the same time is indeed possible.


Based on our methodology, we developed a sustainability strategy that allows us to manage our operations in a conscious way towards the environment.
We adjust the environmental and socioeconomic criteria, evaluate the operational features for the production of each event, write the report on compliance with the SDGs of the United Nations 2030 Agenda and obtain KPIs capable of quantifying the degree of sustainability.

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