Brand purpose activation


Brand purpose activation


We activate the purpose of the brand or the company we are working with by moving from storytelling to story doing. Because an activated purpose DOES and not just tells.

And how do we do that? We are activating brand purpose through creative projects with positive impact. In addition to having great repercussions and helping in the process of positioning your brand, it as well will have a real positive impact on society.

We activate the purpose in two ways:

1) Inward: We want to empower the organization because the purpose begins with each employee and should be embedded in the corporate culture. We internally activate the purpose through specific programs of co-creation, workshops, and training. Furthermore, we create, design, and implement internal communication plans.

2) Out: We externally activate the purpose through creative projects with a social and environmental impact, making sure to be consistent with the values ​​and brand purpose. These creative projects are always linked with the business and connect with the public image of the brand or company.

For the development of these projects, we have an ecosystem of associations and entities of the third and fourth sector that allows us to carry out much more ambitious projects with a greater social or environmental impact.

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