Carbon footprint calculation and compensation

Carbon footprint calculation and compensation


Carbon Neutral

All events have an impact on the environment, but at The Yellow B we take care of the carbon emissions generated in each of our productions and offset them later, thus achieving a CARBON NEUTRAL event.

A carbon-neutral event works to minimize the carbon footprint of its entire life cycle (design, assembly, celebration, and disassembly) and the impact that could not be avoided, offsetting it through participation in mass renewable energy projects like forestry with an environmental and social commitment to the environment.

We offset the carbon footprint generated at your event

Because the print left by your event should be different

Once the client's action is completed, we take care of offsetting the carbon footprint emitted by the project, and we provide proof of this by means of a certificate in the name of the client from an official entity (NGO) responsible for offsetting said footprint.

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