Fair stands

Fair stands


We design and build unique trade fair stands that connect brands with people.

We offer, together with our partner, approved by IFEMA and the Fira de Barcelona, a comprehensive service to capture our client's ideas in a sustainable way. Since we own an in-house printing and carpentry shop, we are able to not only control the entire production process but also reduce the environmental impact.

How do we do it?

  • We only print what is strictly necessary.
  • We use recycled, recyclable, reused, or environmentally friendly materials.
  • We design durable structures and reuse stand materials.
  • We do not use toxic or dangerous materials.
  • We hire reusable structures and furniture, as light as possible and that can be transported and installed efficiently.
  • We donate surplus materials and structures to non-profit organizations for reuse in community action.

Boost your omnichannel strategy with the hybridization of your stand.

Replicate your trade fair stand in a virtual environment and reach prospects who are not Able to attend your congress.

The hybridization of a stand consists of replicating the design of a physical stand into a 3D virtual design, navigable thanks to cameras installed in the physical stand, creating impact, and raising the quality of the remote participant’s experience and the engagement of the face-to-face attendees.

The remote participants will be able to immerse themselves in a virtual tour visiting the stand spaces in real-time and being able to view and download brand content. Through video calls, they can even be attended by a company representative, enjoying just the same experience as if visiting the fair. The figure of the representative will help you, not only to connect with your remote clients but as well to create a greater impact and repercussion on your physical stand, thanks to the high visibility of the booth located on the fair stand.

Opt for hybridization and differentiate yourself from your competitors by positioning yourself as reference.

What would be the added value of hybridizing the stand?

  • Boost your omnichannel strategy.
  • Reach out and communicate to prospects who can't attend the physical congress.
  • Obtain valuable content to communicate and promote your participation in the congress.
  • Multiply the marketing actions linked to the congress by distributing the URL of the stand in all your channels: social media, corporate website, newsletters, etc.
  • Increase the media impact of your physical stand, differentiating yourself from your competitors and positioning yourself as a technological benchmark in your sector.
  • Generate leads outside of the on-site stand.
  • Facilitate agents' agenda planning.
  • Expand opportunities by communicating the content of value, pre-, during, and post-fair.
  • Capture and redirect all visitors, that you cannot attend in person, to the stand (totem with messages like: "if you don't have time now...QR").

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