The Yellow eBents

Virtual Events. A new way for connecting people

The current impossibility of holding an event 100% in person, has encouraged diverse and very different ways of meetings, both in online and virtual 3D environments.

Experience the proximity of physical events with the interaction of online events.

The Yellow eBents

Our proposal:

3D Integration

Integrate 3D and augmented reality elements into the event for a more impactful presentation.

Virtual Reality & 360º

It is possible to broadcast the event 100% virtual, both from static devices with 360º capture as well as with VR glasses with worldwide shipping.


Make remote assistants participate through the mobile APP, asking questions, initiating votings and executing polls and games created both for groups and individuals, in a fun and a visual way.


Availability of any audiovisual equipment necessary for the event.

Execution both with operators and/or robotic systems.


Management and artistic production. Offering a wide portfolio of shows adapted to our new broadcasting formats.

Incentives and team buildings
Brand / product activations


Union and interaction of people through a virtual 3D environment. This proposal offers the attendee the possibility to navigate freely through a virtual space, which recreates the characteristics and possibilities of a physical event.


Add any participant in the form of a hologram and surprise your assistants.


Get the best results at your event, performing gamified digital activities to gain knowledge and improve skills.

Studio shooting

We have an extensive portfolio of professional sets, as well as national and international venues.

Displacement to any location or space is possible, as well as staging your event on a virtual set.

We offer hospitality services for assistants and physical representatives on set.


During the event, attendees can follow and participate through live streaming platforms, video conference calls, or private servers.

Teambuildings and incentives

All details are important to create value during an experience.

We customize and create projects tailored to the needs of each client. We design experiences that build a team, add value, excitement, and amuse. Starting from the objectives set by the organization, we draw up a detailed plan of team building activities: we provide different levels, always adapting to the group and the profile of the participants, to offer a unique and 100% personalized experience.

Activity 1: TV Cooking show

Live broadcast from our studios.

Attendees will receive in advance all the necessary elements to carry out the activity live by streaming.

Our “TV Cooking show” has several options, such as cocktails/appetizers, masterclasses of cooking, live music/show, “APP interaction” and interviews with company representatives if desired.

Product delivery
Everything you need will be delivered in one sustainable box, with the branding of the company sent directly to each participant or local office/headquarters (shipment worldwide).

A professional bartender will show the assistants how to prepare a drink / cocktail, which will serve as an appetizer for the rest of the exercise.

Cooking master class
The activity will be led by a professional chef and with the participation of assistants, chosen by the company. During the activity, the chef can make an informal interview while cooking, using a preset script with the topics to talk about.

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Activity 2: TV Quiz show

Our “TV Quiz Show” is a television program with content created ad hoc. Broadcasted by a professional TV team, and prepared in cooperation with the Company, to ensure you reach your objectives.

The contest will be presented by a professional host. We offer as well the option to participate “in situ”, for selected representatives of the company.

Activity options for the TV Quiz Show

• Poll
Know opinions, receive comments and get to know relevant trends in real-time.
• Word Cloud
Give your participants the opportunity to express their ideas and feelings.
• Individual Poll
Get satisfaction rates and trends during or after the event.
• Evaluation
Evaluate progress and individual- or group-performances in real-time.
• Presentation
Include and present slides, ppt, etc.
• Who’s Who
Create a community and strengthen the sense of belonging.
• Question Wall
Give participants the opportunity to express themselves.
• Brainstorming
Find solutions together and transform them into real actions.
• Photostory
Unleash group creativity and make your participants move.
• Quiz
Easily test the participants’ knowledge and make the session more dynamic.
• The Race
Transform your event into an intense, fun competition made visual.
• Buzzer
Surprise participants with a push-button game and make them feel like they’re on a real TV show.

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