We welcome you to the new website of the yellow B! let the show begin!

The growing need of companies to become visible for a client, which is used to an increasing impact of advertisement, has led us, as an avantgarde event agency that we are, to create spectacular productions, that touch the sensitivity of the guests, making the brands more accessible and palpable. We want you to know our way of doing events, so …

Welcome to the new website of The Yellow B. Let the show begin!

What is event marketing and how can this help boost your Brand Image?

Event Marketing is a marketing strategy that increasingly becomes more relevant in global strategies of to be implemented campaigns. It is a contact marketing in which the brand approaches the consumer to transmit specific values through experience.

It is proven that in a sea full of fish, the one winning over the customers purchasing decisión, is the brand that knows best how to communicate Events play a fundamental role in this regard. Through them, we can increase our visibility (press releases, social networks, word of mouth promotions …), generate more en-gagement by loyalty to our customers and reach a new audience, as well as greatly enhance our brand im-age.

The experiences that the guest will have with the Brand, will be decisive in their purchase decision.

The Yellow B will help you with this endeavor.

We are counting on a whole team of professionals in project management, marketing and advertising, logis-tics and the hotel sector. We offer you the latest trends and the best technologies, so that each event we design, has a strong and positive impact on the attendees.

Our “know-how” and “good taste” converts your marketing plan into an event worth remembering, where the message you want to deliver is tangible in every detail. In order to achieve the expected result, we select for you the best locations.

Casual corporate events, gala dinners, product presentations or highly creative events combining dance, audiovisual, musical …

If your purpose is to stand out from your competition The Yellow B tells you how to achieve it.

Check out our new website and discover everything we can do for you!

Are you ready to make yourself seen and remembered?