Why does the usual way to advertise no longer work? Find out the answer with the experiential marketing agency TYB.

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2 de October de 2020

Currently, all the efforts you make to communicate your brand or your services are no longer enough! Nowadays we must push further. The usual advertising no longer convinces anyone. For this reason, the companies that really understand it, do not seek to show, but to impact, and generate emotions and sensations through experiences. We could almost talk about synesthetic transmission: a product for all the senses.  Your brand will not just be stored in some random memories of your customers, but in their feelings, in their daily lives. And there it will get stuck. Let us explain why The Yellow B is the best experiential marketing agency and why we know how to create your events as no one else does.

How can you impact your customers through experiential marketing?

A good first impression can attract attention and can help you to differentiate yourself from others. But in a world in which all brands look for the same thing, these first 5 seconds can also easily be forgotten. Emotions, if they are connected to a meaningful story that you can identify with, will generate a long-lasting impact. How to do it? There is only one way: Get to know your clients in detail, speak their language, have their same humor, know what they are like, what they do not tolerate, and what their limits are.

How to know your customers?

At The Yellow B we have the most advanced technology and a team specialized in producing the most impressive and precise content, based on the knowledge about your clients. We achieve this through our feedback platforms: information capture with integration channels of 3D elements and augmented reality, streaming monitoring, interaction through remote assistance, engagement with participation through the mobile app, questions, voting, and surveys. Another possibility to collect information is through gamification: games for groups or individuals created to absorb all the data of the participants and thus obtain the best results in a fun and visual way.encuestas. También se consigue recabar mucha información a través de la Gamification: juegos para grupos o individuales, creados para absorber todos los conocimientos de los participantes y así obtener los mejores resultados de una manera divertida y visual.

How to create an event with the help of an experiential marketing agency?

Whatever your product is, you need to make an impact when presenting it. Taking advantage of professional support helps you to get to the point and you can save effort and capital. A professional team like The Yellow B knows the business inside out, after working with the largest and most diverse brands and sectors of the industry and the European market. We offer all the necessary technical support for your event, making sure your message is reaching the people it is meant to reach. At The Yellow B we have a 360º range of interaction, making sure your customers will enjoy a great experience at each event. We are offering:

  • Audiovisual equipment for broadcasting (execution with operators of robotic and controlled systems).
  • Streaming equipment (monitoring live transmission on streaming platforms, videoconferences, or private servers).
  • Broadcast in virtual reality, 3D integration, VR glasses with worldwide delivery or holograms.
  • Studio shooting with a portfolio of sets, such as professional sets as well as national and international venues.
  • Virtual sets for the remote realization of your events and "hospitality" service for attendees or representatives.

How does the impact translate into profitability for your company?

Nothing beats direct and/ or personal contact with your customer. This way you will be able to create a longer-lasting impact, as well as generate empathy and affinity between your customers and your products or services. For this reason, we developed The Yellow eBents, a differentiating and experiential strategy for brands and products, focusing on boosting your budget, and your efforts and making your brand unforgettable.

Whatever you do, think holistically!

From the analysis to the ideation up to the realization of a work plan, as well as feedback and post-event follow-ups, always think holistically. At The Yellow B we hybridize knowledge, technology, human resources, and art in a synchronized set, so that your message is unique, just like your brand.

If you want your product or service to go as far as your imagination, The Yellow B Experiential Marketing Agency is the way: Contact our team.

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